The Museum of Bishops “Mons. Francesco Minerva” officially presented the thirty-year agreement with Farmalabor. The basis of this agreement is Corporate Social Responsibility, one of the central themes in the activities of the Apulian pharmaceutical company.

The aim of the meeting is to highlight the entrepreneurship of the Province of BAT, which implements and supports projects of cultural interest, for the responsible growth of the territory. The event was attended by Loredana Capone, Councillor for Cultural and Tourism Industry of the Puglia Region, who recognized in the agreement a best practice to export.

“The public-private relationship, culture and economy is one of the cornerstones of the strategic plan of tourism and culture of the Region – said Councillor Capone – This is the best way to grow employment by investing in culture and also becomes a good opportunity to develop tourism that points to the cultural beauty and landscape of Puglia to visit all year round.

Sergio Fontana (Farmalabor Sole Administrator) stressed the successful synergy between culture and business: “Culture is a profitable investment from an economic point of view. I am convinced that the enhancement of the territory is not only a factor of cultural and moral growth but also an extraordinary engine of economic development, capable of bringing benefits to the entire community.

Felice Bacco (Legal representative of the Bishops’ Museum), Ernesto La Salvia (Mayor of Canosa di Puglia), Laura Ruggiero (Deputy Vice President of Confindustria Bari-BAT and Coordinator of the RSI Forum), Francesco Spina (President of the BAT Province) and Ruggiero Mennea (Regional Councillor and Commissioner of the Commission for productive activities of the Puglia region) also participated in the event with equal enthusiasm. At the end of the meeting, the exhibition “Le parole non dette. Discovery of a new fan, engraving techniques, photographs and some small oils from private collections”, almost all unpublished on Giuseppe De Nittis, created by the curators of the Museum of Bishops Sandro Giuseppe Sardella, Vittoria Valentina Pelagio and Michela Cianti.

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