An important cooperation agreement between Farmalabor and the pharmaceutical company Esensa was signed on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 in Belgrade, at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (PKS). The agreement provides for the exclusive distribution of Farmalabor branded products (raw materials, equipment for galenic laboratories and packaging items) in particularly receptive markets such as Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Farmalabor confirms itself not only as one of the main suppliers of pharmacies, galenic laboratories and hospitals in Italy but also as a reliable business partner. It is no coincidence that the Belgrade-based company, a manufacturer of food supplements and medical devices, has declared that the signing of the agreement is only the beginning of a collaboration destined to become even more intense, with mutual benefits (Saradnja kompanija Esensa i Farmalabor, “Poslovno Jutro”, 11/03/2014).

Optimism and lucidity also in the words of Dr. Sergio Fontana, CEO of Farmalabor: “In a time of economic crisis, the only way to survive is to invest, broaden the horizons of trade. The agreement with Esensa goes precisely in this direction. I am sure that the Serbian market will be impressed by the quality of our products and by our concreteness, typically Apulian”.

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