During the 54th Symposium AFI (Associazione Farmaceutici dell’Industria), the most important event in the Italian pharmaceutical world, held in Rimini from 11 to 13 June 2014, Farmalabor received the 2014 Pharmaceutical Award “Total Quality: Zero Deviations”.

The award was established with the intention of promoting the pharmaceutical industries engaged in the search for quality; the recipients are companies that, in the context of inspection AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), have received in the final report zero major deviations and less than five “other” deviations from the standards of good manufacturing.

The commemorative plaque was given to Dr. Sergio Fontana, sole administrator of the Apulian pharmaceutical company, who shares the success with his employees: “This award has 80 faces, the faces of people who, in Farmalabor, work efficiently and consciously, directing their skills towards common goals. Their commitment reminds me that our strategy is a winning one: to invest in the quality of our systems, practices and production processes, even in the midst of an unfavourable economic situation. Because, in a time of crisis, quality is the best investment”.

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