The N.A.T.U.RE. project is underway. (New Approach to Uremic Renal Toxins), led by the Apulian pharmaceutical company Farmalabor, in collaboration with Aferetica Srl (innovative start-up), the University of Bari and Salento and the CNR-ISPA – Lecce headquarters.

The objective is to develop and validate at a clinical level an innovative food supplement (a mixture of probiotics, fibers and antioxidants) for the treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The project ranked first out of 118 project proposals that participated in the call for proposals of the Puglia Region “Aid in support of regional technology clusters”.

N.A.T.U.RE. will be divided into three fundamental stages:
– development of the optimal formula and form with which to administer the supplement;
– experimental development of the innovative integrator;
– pilot study on patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, with monitoring of the respective intestinal microbiotes to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

The expected results of the identified treatment concern the slowing down of the disease towards the final stage and the reduction of cardiovascular and metabolic complications.

For this project, 10 young researchers (graduates with a PhD and under 35 years of age) will be hired between the University and companies, also returning from experience abroad.

Farmalabor’s commitment to experimenting with new products continues, thanks to a fruitful synergy between the academic and productive worlds.
Through a far-sighted planning of Research & Development, the company shows that it is possible to relaunch the territory only by enhancing its human and material resources.

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