With the arrival of winter, the first respiratory tract and the oropharyngeal mucosa are easy targets of the cold. NATURFLU is a valuable ally for the whole family, thanks to the synergy of specific plant extracts:

– Honey and Propolis are able to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria; moreover, the exclusive M.E.D.® (Multi Dynamic Extraction) extraction technology allows the purification of the raw material, with a very low percentage of inert substances, and thus preserve all polyphenolic compounds;

– extracts of Eucalyptus, Grindelia and Adhatoda act directly because they are rich in essential oils that are absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract and excreted in the lungs;

– Ivy and Liquorice, on the other hand, act indirectly as they are rich in saponins: these substances irritate the gastric mucosa, generating a gastro-pulmonary reflex that translates into an expectorant effect;

– Finally, the synergistic action of Elderberry, Thyme and Sundew favours bronchodilation, the Poppy acts as an antitussive and the Altea has an emollient action.

And for children, NATURFLU becomes BABY: by excluding Poppy (due to its content in codeine) and Liquorice (due to its potential hypertensive action) and by relying on quality extracts that do not contain traces of alcohol, NATURFLU BABY becomes perfect for young patients, safe and effective.

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