On Monday 29th January 2018, at the Casa Circondariale of Foggia, the project “In me there is only a future” was presented. It was born from the collaboration between the pharmaceutical company Farmalabor S.r.l., the Regional Prison Administration Provostate for the regions of Puglia and Basilicata, the Social Cooperative “Pietra di Scatto” and the Prison Institute of Foggia.

The project was born with a specific objective: to give an opportunity for social and personal redemption to prisoners, in order to make the educational experience of imprisonment.

Prisoners will be given the opportunity to develop on site skills related to pharmaceutical production that, in addition to restoring personal and professional dignity, can be a key tool for the reintegration into the labor market.

After an initial phase of technical training, the resources will devote themselves to the preparation of pharmaceutical packaging in an equipped room inside the prison.

The finished products will be marked with a special stamp, so as to inform customers about the social initiative and raise public awareness about the reintegration of prisoners in the labor market.

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