“Open” innovation, involving companies, consumers and institutions in an extraordinary virtuous circle: this is the central theme of the Third Observatory on Open Innovation and Italian Corporate Venture Capital – promoted by Assolombarda, Italia Startup and Smau, with the scientific partnership of Cerved and in collaboration with Confindustria and Piccola Industria Confindustria for the collection and analysis of success stories.

The Observatory has identified in the Italian panorama the best practices on the subject of Open Innovation, including Farmalabor: the path followed by the pharmaceutical company towards the implementation of Open Innovation strategies has led the company to obtain a series of results in terms of the development of innovative bases ready for galenic preparations and food and cosmetic products, aimed – in the first case – at preparatory pharmacists (both hospital and private) and – in the second case – to food companies, cosmetics and final consumers.

The peculiarity of these bases, which convinced the technical jury of the Observatory, is related to their compatibility not only with its active ingredients (physical and chemical stability tests, release of the active ingredients from the base) but also with active ingredients from other manufacturers.

Sergio Fontana, Farmalabor’s sole director and President of the Health Department of Confindustria Bari and BAT, is proud to comment on this company result: “After having reached excellent levels in terms of quality, safety and standardisation of raw materials for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use, our Olivettian ‘thirst for the future’ leads us to dialogue with all the players in the innovative ecosystem. In fact, the main objective of any company that wants to be truly innovative must be to produce value not only for itself but also for external stakeholders, in particular civil society and institutions”.

Farmalabor is the leader of several R&D activities carried out in synergy with the Universities of Bari, Lecce and Milan, with the CNR and with some innovative start-ups (e.g. Aferetica Srl for the N.A.T.U.RE. project, New Approach for Renal Uremic Toxins).

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