Surgical Betadine: an alternative that can be set up in a pharmacy

As a remedy the lack of CHIRURGICAL BETADINES on the market, here is a formulation that can be prepared in a pharmacy with a medical prescription, using our ready made base:


– Polyvinylpyrrolidone Iodine 7,5%
– Giotto Universal Detergent to 100%.


– Weigh the Giotto Detergent into a glass beaker and add the Polyvinylpyrrolidone Iodine under slow stirring (to avoid foam formation)

– Leave to shake for a few minutes until a homogeneous amber-coloured solution is obtained

– Check the pH. To stabilize the active substance, add a solution of sodium hydroxide 1 N, up to pH 4.5-5.

– Transfer the solution to a white or amber plastic bottle.

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