Quality is not just an idea, it is a value that we monitor and certify. So our customers trust us.

Our company is equipped with internal laboratories of analytical chemistry, micro biology and pharmaceutical technology, which guarantee full compliance with international quality and safety standards.

Farmalabor is authorized by the AIFA (Italian Drug Agency) to import, distribute, repackage, quality control and release batches of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in accordance with Ministerial Decree 219

We are the company authorized by the AIFA to sell the highest number of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

The “Quality Control” laboratory works in compliance with the ISO standards and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, the certification that guarantees, at national and European level, the application of the “good manufacturing standards”, ensuring the highest quality in the phases of purchase, distribution, relabelling, control and release of all raw materials batches.

The “Quality Assurance” department operates independently to ensure compliance with the GMP, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements in all areas of the company (production, purchasing, quality control, finished products, sales and after-sales service).



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