On Tuesday 29th May, at the Centro Studi e Ricerche “S. Fontana 1900 -1982”, the wing of the company library dedicated to the private collection “Adele Amato – Donato Miano” was inaugurated.

The collection was donated to Farmalabor employees by the son of the two missing university lecturers, Prof. Teodoro Miano.
A cultural heritage of great value (about 200 volumes, divided into essays and fiction, collected over decades of academic activity and passionate personal research) that will offer useful ideas for professional growth to company employees.

“I have welcomed with honor and enthusiasm the gift that Prof. Miano has given us – comments Dr. Sergio Fontana, sole administrator Farmalabor – which will remain alive over time, in our library. Since participating in the #ioleggoperché initiative, we have believed in promoting reading as a tool to become not only workers, but better people. I am confident that, thanks to the commitment of Confindustria, this initiative will be positively received by other companies in the area.

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