Aloplus becomes FAST: a new ready-for-use base for Minoxidil

The Farmalabor Study and Research Centre, in collaboration with the University of Bari, has developed ALOPLUS® FAST: an innovative ready-to-use base for topical use that allows the creation of Minoxidil solutions up to 5% w/w on a completely water-based basis, thanks to the presence of cyclodextrin.

Compared to the previous formulation of ALOPLUS, the pharmacist can directly solubilize the Minoxidil in the ready base, without adding other excipients. Furthermore, the new formulation does not contain ethanol or propylene glycol (which can cause irritation, burning, redness, itching and dermatitis).

– Increase in the solubility of Minoxidil up to 5% w/w, thanks to the presence of cyclodextrin
– Absence of ethanol and propylene glycol for increased compliance
– Self Preservative Base
– Emollient properties thanks to vegetable glycerol
– Ability to carry other active substances (see table)

– Minoxidil 2 – 5 g
– Aloplus® Fast q.b. at 100 g

– Aloplus® Fast heating up to 50°C
– Weigh the Minoxidil and add it under mechanical stirring until a clear solution is obtained (5 g of Minoxidil dissolve in about 35 minutes).

Repeatable medical recipe
(Official Pharmacopoeia XII ed. – Table 4)

Apply directly to the scalp, preferably using a cotton swab (e.g. cotton swab) or a dropper.

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