The Company

Since 2001 we are the leading company in the production and selling of raw materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food use. It all started with a group of pharmacists sharing a vision: to combine skills, passions and ambitions in order to create an innovative and reliable company, able to meet all customers’ needs in a brand new way.

Since then we have come a long way, to become the reference point for the Italian compounding industry. A result obtained by always pursuing the same objective: to produce quality. To do this, we have developed a valuable process in which everything is oriented towards excellence: people, organization, technology and raw materials.

Quality control, advanced logistics, integrated management of operations, fully computerized system: the ambition to excel turns into an operational approach that guarantees unsurpassed efficiency and high-quality standards.

A strategy that involves the entire organization: from the warehouses to the sales office in Milan, from the production plants in Canosa di Puglia to the high-level training center dedicated to compounding pharmacists.