Story of Farmalabor includes people, passions and dreams that have changed the history of Italian compounding industry.

Farmalabor was founded in 2001 in Canosa di Puglia, thanks to shared will of a group of pharmacists.
Their self-confidence, their trust in their own expertise and the audacity of their ambitions have made Farmalabor the Italian leading company in the distribution of raw materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food use.

Since 2001, Farmalabor has continuously expanded its market presence, always meeting all customers needs.

Farmalabor has its representative office in Milan and two production sites in Canosa di Puglia: the first one is dedicated to storage and manipulation of raw materials for cosmetic, food and herbal use; the second one is dedicated to storage and repackaging of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (hormones, psychotropic substances, antibiotics and multipurpose);

Farmalabor is also provided with many warehouses dedicated to storage of laboratory equipments and packaging materials, with a total surface of 11.000 sq.m.

With advanced logistics system, integrated management of operations and customized process optimization software, Farmalabor is a company market-oriented, efficient and attentive, able to compete on both Italian and foreign markets.

Farmalabor. We produce quality.