Year: 2019

The project was aimed at developing a line of products formulated from highly qualified Farmalabor brand raw materials. The individual ingredients have been appropriately selected to obtain blends for pharmaceutical/cosmetic and food use able to meet the emerging demands of the consumer market.


Year: 2018

The Farmalabor Research & Development team has developed ALOPLUS® FAST: an innovative topical ready-to-use base that allows the creation of Minoxidil solutions up to 5% w / w on a completely aqueous base, thanks to the presence of cyclodextrin.

Compared to the previous formulation of ALOPLUS, the pharmacist can directly dissolve Minoxidil in the base, without adding other excipients.
Furthermore, the new formulation does not contain ethanol or propylene glycol (which can cause irritation, burning, redness, itching and dermatitis).

Partner: University of Bari – Dept of Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Sciences


Year: 2019

The project involves the development of a functional food based on Lens Culinaris, typical of the Apulian area and innovative for health (hence, the acronym ALTIS).

The supplement is based on proteins of vegetable origin, effective in case of reduced protein intake for a diet or for increased needs. It will in fact be administered to elderly sarcopenic patients, in different clinical settings, in order to improve their state of health.

Partner: Irccs De Bellis, Università degli Studi di Bari (dipartimenti DETO, DISSPA, Farmacia – Scienze del farmaco), Molino Andriani spa, Find srl, The digital Box.


Year: 2017

The project N.A.T.U.RE. (Cluster) had the goal of developing and validating at the clinical level an innovative technological solution in the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease (CRM).

Farmalabor has produced an “innovative symbiotic” (a mix of fibers, antioxidants and lactobacilli) monitoring uremic toxins before and after its administration.

The study demonstrated the effectiveness of the symbiotic in slowing the disease towards the final stage as well as on cardiovascular and metabolic complications, with positive effects on the health of patients suffering from CKD and on public health expenditure.


Year: 2014

The Vis Maris project was about the enrichment of traditional fish feeds with Extrauva®.

The extract, thanks to the high concentration in proanthocyanidins (antioxidants), has strengthened the immune system of the fish, guaranteeing not only healthier specimens with less use of antibiotics and vaccines but above all greater quality and well-being for the final consumers.

Partner: University of Bari – Dept DETO and DISSPA