The School of Galenica starts: the only one for Southern Italy

The School is based in Canosa di Puglia, at the “Dr Sergio Fontana, 1900-1982” Study and Research Center, and is the new point of reference for the training of preparatory pharmacists.

Sergio Fontana:

The interview with the sole administrator Farmalabor srl, during the "FarmacistaPiù" fair (Milan, 8-10 May 2015).

Universities, research and individuals:

The synergy between university research and research applied to the business world is the key to being truly competitive. Sergio Fontana, sole administrator of Farmalabor, is convinced of this.

N.A.T.U.RE., a supplement to support kidney disease

"Targeted" lactic ferments for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) are being studied.

Successful Southern Italy: we tell you about Farmalabor

The integral service that Reteconomy (SKY channel 512) dedicated to the "Farmalabor case": a southern company that has established itself on international markets, thanks above all to the professionalism of its collaborators.

Farmalabor Campus, quality training in the galenic field

Farmalabor Campus offers professional training courses in the field of galenic preparations. Between lectures and practical laboratory sessions, the students will be able to experiment with effective and safe formulations.

For information and requests: 

Training and work, the Master of Cosmetic Sciences ends

The final ceremony of the University of Bari Master in "Science of Cosmetic Products" was held on Tuesday 24 May. A professionalizing path based on the osmosis between the academic world and business, which involved Farmalabor as headquarters and didactic partner.

Becoming a cosmetologist: the Uniba-Farmalabor master restarts

The second edition of the Master in Cosmetic Sciences was inaugurated on Tuesday 26 July at the Farmalabor Study Center. A professionalizing path, based on public-private synergy.

Farmalabor in Serbia.

To the microphones of TGNorba, Sergio Fontana comments on the exclusive distribution agreement with Serbia.

Farmalabor, the Italian excellence in Serbia

The Apulian company has signed a commercial agreement with Esensa, a Serbian manufacturer of food supplements and medical devices. Under the agreement, Farmalabor brand products (raw materials, equipment for galenic laboratories and packaging) will be distributed in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. **** Video: Courtesy of PKSMedia Music: "Sunset" by Evgeny Grinko available under CC license, 

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