The activity of the ITALY CARE consortium, founded in 2013 in Bari by four Apulian businesses rooted in the Italian market but strongly projected abroad, comes to life: Exprivia, Farmalabor, GVM Care & Research and MASMEC Biomed.

Building on the success they have achieved in their respective sectors (ICT, Galenic Pharmacy, Healthcare and Biomedical Engineering), these companies have decided to share tools and expertise for a concrete objective: to provide integrated solutions in the healthcare sector and, at the same time, to develop and market new products and services, at an international level. In particular, ITALY CARE is carrying out the “Hospital turn-key” project, a “turnkey” system for patient well-being, which includes the production of food supplements and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The consortium is an authoritative point of reference for health professionals who are not only Italian. An example of “made in Italy” excellence and synergy between companies that choose to “make a system” as an effective antidote to the economic crisis.

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