Farmalabor’s commercial expansion continues in the most promising European markets: the Apulian pharmaceutical company inaugurated its new headquarters in Belgrade (Serbia) in February.

It is not just a subsidiary but a company, Farmalabor SRB D.O.O., with a specific identity, created by a joint venture with a Serbian partner (which holds 30% of the property).

The aim is to market Farmalabor products in the particularly interesting Serbian market, which is growing rapidly from an economic and industrial point of view and, at the same time, is characterised by a long Galenic tradition.

Sergio Fontana, Farmalabor’s sole director, underlines another positive aspect of the initiative: “With the opening of our headquarters in Belgrade, we have marked an important milestone. Thanks to the country’s strategic position, Farmalabor SRB is set to become a commercial bridge for the Balkan area, very receptive to galenic preparations. Moreover, it will represent a formidable channel for marketing our products in Eastern Europe and Russia”.

The international presence grows with the pride of producing quality made in Italy.
In this regard, Dr. Fontana points out: “Creating a company in Belgrade does not mean delocalizing. We will continue to produce in Puglia, even if the choice may seem unpopular, because we believe in the human and material resources of our territory. This commercial initiative will lead to an increase in Apulian exports, with benefits for the entire productive fabric”.

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