The protagonists of the European galenic market gather in Canosa. On Tuesday, May 12, at the “Dr Sergio Fontana, 1900-1982” Study and Research Centre, Farmalabor will meet with the managers of the companies gathered in the Galenos consortium: Sven Martens – 2pharma (Belgium); Angelika Weinländer Mölders – Caelo (Germany); Marten Teves – Duchefa (Netherlands); Thomas Hediger – Hänseler (Switzerland); Andre Saurwalt – Pharmaessentials (Netherlands); Eduardo Verduch – Guinama (Spain); Thomas Cano – Inresa (France). Italy is represented by Sergio Fontana – Farmalabor.

The objective of Galenos is to promote the use of safe and quality raw materials for galenic preparations in Europe, giving a significant boost to the culture of personalized medicine.

During the meeting on 12 May, the member companies meet to take a snapshot of the current situation of galenic activity in the European market, also on the basis of updates on legislation and regulatory affairs. Another point on the agenda is the planning of future strategies for the development of magisterial preparations, also through the launch of new products and collaborations and the organization of training meetings, oriented to the development of specific skills and abilities.

At the end of the meeting, a visit to the pharmaceutical company Farmalabor was planned. An opportunity to share the results of its quality policy and thus consolidate its international presence.

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