From Spain to Slovenia, passing through the Netherlands: the English course “Science and Technology of Cosmetic Formulations”, organized by Farmalabor on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June, involved pharmacists and medical professionals from all over Europe.

Alternating theoretical lessons with practical experiences in the laboratory, the students were able to learn about the most innovative methodologies and technologies and, at the same time, experiment with the most effective and safe cosmetic formulations: raw materials from biotechnology, nano-emulsions, complex and high-performance emulsifying systems, etc..

A very practical approach, rooted in the current market, which can be converted into a formula: knowledge + know-how.

In particular, the students have deepened the fundamental elements of a cosmetic formulation:

– active ingredients of vegetable, animal and mineral origin;
– rheological and humectant modifiers;
– anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants;
– emulsifiers and solubilizers;
– lipids (vegetable and mineral oils);
– antioxidants and chelators;
– preservatives and antimicrobials;
– auxiliary substances.

In addition, with the guidance of Prof. Hossein Sedghi Zadeh (cosmetologist expert and lecturer at the University of Ferrara), they have created a wide range of cosmetic products, from mild detergents to lotions, from body and face moisturizers to anti-wrinkle preparations.


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