Three days to learn more about all aspects of cosmetic production: from the analysis of raw materials to instructions for registering the finished product, from formulation theory to laboratory experience.

The Farmalabor-Sinerga course “Science and Technique of Cosmetic Formulations” (25-27 September 2015) alternated frontal teaching sessions with moments of comparison on cosmetic practice.

In particular, during the laboratory phase, the students had the opportunity to experience firsthand the notions and advice of Prof. Hossein Sedghi-Zadeh (cosmetologist expert and lecturer at the University of Ferrara).

The results? Lotions, detergents, frost, shampoo, body creams, anti-wrinkle serums, made with increasing mastery under the guidance of Prof. Hossein.

Here is the complete program of the course:

– Cosmetic legislation
– Skin biochemistry
– Basic ingredients
– Tensiolitis, emulsions, frost
– Perfumes
– Solar products
– Functional cosmetics
– Conservation of cosmetics
– Method for evaluating the effectiveness of the finished product
– Formulation technique – practical experience.

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