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17 April 2023

With great pleasure, Farmalabor communicates the update of the certifications for the standards: UNI/ISO 9001:2015: for the first time in the history of Farmalabor we have certified the entire

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PARLA CON ME! The new digital assistance tool by Farmalabor

28 October 2022

Farmalabor presents PARLA CON ME, a new way to interact with us! Just access the website, click on the icon at the bottom right and an operator will take care of your

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Farmalabor informs: International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding publications

14 October 2022

Two of our works conducted in collaboration with the University of Bari, department of pharmacy, drug sciences have been accepted for publication in an important scientific journal: International

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19 July 2022

A galenic preparation for suspensions for oral use based on ibuprofen, to be prepared in case of shortage of the medicinal product of industrial origin. For more information on setup, packaging and

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Berbevis® Berberine Phytosome®

14 July 2022

An innovative berberine extract obtained from Berberis aristata which, thanks to its delivery system (new generation phytosome), is able to improve the bioavailability of berberine (whose limit is the

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8th NATIONAL CONGRESS - SIFAP (18-19 June 2022)

21 June 2022

The eighth edition of the NATIONAL CONGRESS - SIFAP 2022, held in Bergamo at the Giovanni XXIII Congress Center, has just ended, an event of great importance in the world of galenics and masterful

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17 June 2022

Some customers have informed us that they have received information from Intermediate Distributors that FARMALABOR "would block orders". This information has no basis. We want to specify

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BANDO RIPARTI Puglia Region - public selection for the attribution of vocational research (2)

17 June 2022

The applications for the Call of the Free Mediterranean University LUM "Giuseppe Degennaro" of public selection for the assignment of a professionalizing research grant in the context of the

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16 June 2022

A GOAL ACHIEVED for the Client and for our People After the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 certifications, FARMALABOR is pleased to confirm the achievement of the ISO 45001: 2018 CERTIFICATION

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Summer School

15 June 2022

The Summer School "Paediatric peRsonalized ExtemPorAneous foRmulAtions - PREPARA" organized by the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Department of Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences) and

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BANDO RIPARTI Puglia Region - public selection for the attribution of vocational research

14 June 2022

The applications to the Politecnico di Bari call for public selection for the award of professional research grants in the context of the RIPARTI Notice of the Puglia Region, through which Farmalabor

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Cannabis update - MARCHE REGION

14 June 2022

"Below is the communication from the Marche Region concerning: Clarifications regarding the opportunity to use Cannabis Extract 15% THC. The Marche Region, with the adoption of law no. 26,

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10 June 2022

We follow the publication in the Official Gazette of 02.06.2022 of Regulation no. 2022/860 of the EU Commission amending Annex III of Regulation (EC) No. 1925/2006 relating to fermented red rice

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30 May 2022

The PLO gel (PLURONIC LECITHIN ORGANOGEL) allows the delivery of active ingredients transdermally. The ready-made bases Haring and Dalì help us to formulate the PLO gel effectively and

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25 May 2022

Today we received a communication from our supplier ABS FOOD SRL concerning the publication of the alert in question concerning the presence of "traces of peanuts in soy lecithin of Indian

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FARMALABOR FAST - Ready to use bases Topic and Oral

28 April 2022

Please download our catalogue to discover the qualitative and quantitative composition of our FARMALABOR FAST ready to use bases and their chemical and physical stability with the main APIs used in

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Cannabis update - LOMBARDY REGION

26 April 2022

Below is the communication from the Lombardy Region concerning: Cannabis extract 15% THC - details on reimbursement. "The undersigned has received reports of non-reimbursement of the

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22 April 2022

Some customers have reported to us the presence of our products offered on the EBAY e-commerce channel (moreover, dirty packages of products from batches of 2019). We confirm that our Company DOES NOT

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