An innovative berberine extract obtained from Berberis aristata which, thanks to its delivery system (new generation phytosome), is able to improve the bioavailability of berberine (whose limit is the low intrinsic oral bioavailability) and to optimize its bioabsorption.

BERBERINE PHYTOSOMA INDENA, is a multi-target botanical ingredient, well tolerated and safe (even for prolonged use), extensively studied in vitro, in vivo and on humans, which has been shown to be able to effectively support metabolic health.

- modulates blood sugar levels and has been shown to significantly optimize insulin resistance and glycemic profile;
- it has a positive effect on body composition, inducing the redistribution of adipose tissue;
- it positively supports hormonal balance and it is useful for counteracting signs and symptoms (eg acne) of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).