Below is the communication from the Lombardy Region concerning: Cannabis extract 15% THC - details on reimbursement.

"The undersigned has received reports of non-reimbursement of the preparation based on Cannabis extract 15% THC produced on an industrial level (Farmalabor company).

It is specified that :

- the Farmalabor company is authorized by the Ministry of Health, pursuant to the Decree of 03 December 2021 - Annual list, updated to 30 October 2021, of the companies authorized to manufacture, use and wholesale drugs and psychotropic substances integrated with the List of licensed companies for substances classified in category 1 drug precursors. (21A07292) (G.U. General Series, n. 299 of December 17, 2021) - Annex C, as COMPANIES AUTHORIZED FOR THE WHOLESALE OF DRUGS OR PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES;

- the regional note prot. n. G1.2019.0041027 of 10/12/2019 also provides for the reimbursement of the oily preparation for the following therapeutic indications charged to the SSR:

Cancer patient - code 048;
Multiple sclerosis - code 046;
Glaucoma - code 019;
Anorexia nervosa - code 005;
HIV infections - code 020;
Pain therapy - codcie TDL;
Gilles de la Tourette syndrome - code L99
Having said all this, considering that the Ministry of Health itself, in the event of a shortage, authorizes the import of commercial products based on cannabis extract at 15% to be paid by the NHS, the reimbursement of the product, Cannabis Extract 15%, is confirmed. THC Farmalabor.

Since it is an industrial and non-galenic product, the production of which (in terms of quality and quantity) is guaranteed by the fact that it has been authorized by the national authorities in compliance with GMPs, it is not necessary to request titration analysis and therefore it is not necessary to insert the additional cost of 15 euros in the tariff.

The ATS in address are asked for the maximum dissemination of this note to pharmacies in order to guarantee citizens the therapy ".