The Apulian pharmaceutical company Farmalabor is one of the 20 companies that won the "Andrea Pininfarina" 2014 "Enterprise x Innovation Award". The prize is awarded by Confindustria to the Italian companies that have invested most successfully in research and innovation, according to the parameters of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The news was published by Sole24Ore and immediately made the rounds of the main Italian media, from press agencies to web portals. The 2014 edition boasts a focus on sustainable development issues, which will be the cornerstone of Expo 2015, and a special award in memory of Andrea Pininfarina for companies that stand out in Made in Italy, innovation and development of the territory. Three values that Farmalabor has transformed into a project of excellence, in such a convincing way that it also deserves the special mention Expo 2015. The jury appreciated the novelty represented by the Farmalabor Fast dermatological ready-to-use bases, the eco-sustainability of the Easy Label Pack container and the versatility of the Optima line, but also the innovative scope of the "Vis Maris" project, thanks to which an unproductive local grape variety has enriched the fish feed. The award ceremony will be held in Turin in November and will involve different companies by sector and origin: Bellini Spa, Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa, Pontlab Srl, Fincantieri Spa, Fluid-o-tech Srl, Vetrya Spa, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Spa, A TLC Srl, Industrie Saleri Italo Spa, Itel telecomunicazioni Srl, Laboratori Archa Srl, Mavi Sud Srl, Opus Automazione Spa, System House Srl, TT Tecnosistemi Spa, Fercam Spa, Officine di Cartigliano Spa, Oikos Srl, Pet Engineering Srl.