Enhancing the value of a local product, such as the Lentil of Altamura PGI, in an innovative way: starting from this objective, Farmalabor has convinced the commission of the Regional Call "INNONETWORK", which has funded the 25 most innovative Research & Development projects for specific thematic areas (Sustainable manufacturing; Health of man and the environment; Digital, creative and inclusive communities). In detail, the Apulian pharmaceutical company will develop a formulation based on proteins of plant origin, aimed at nutritional supplementation in cases of reduced protein intake with the diet or increased needs. The finished product will be made from the seeds of a legume that has been grown in the Murgia area for over 80 years and that has just obtained recognition of the name for the purposes of the PGI: the Lentil of Altamura PGI (Lens culinaris). The use of innovative technologies will allow to enhance the chemical-physical properties of this precious raw material, in order to obtain a formulation rich in high quality proteins, without losing the fractions of soluble fibers and carbohydrates. Another interesting element of the project is the identification of the target of the protein supplement, ie the elderly malnourished, forced to bed in hospital or home, especially in the post-operative period. In fact, the progressive aging of the population is bringing out new, widespread needs for health and well-being, which can be responded to by combining nature and innovation. The project sees Farmalabor as leader and involves several Apulian excellences in the academic (Departments D.E.T.O., Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences and D.I.S.S.P.A. of the University of Bari) and medical (the I.R.C.S.S. "De Bellis" of Castellana) fields.