The initiative, in line with Farmalabor's internal policy, was born from the internal propensity for continuous improvement and innovation.

The interventions carried out concern the acquisition of consultancy that falls within the innovation area "HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH" - Well-being to the person and agri-food.

Thanks to this project, the company has been able to implement the knowledge of its internal staff, strengthen the quality system and its price list.

The regulatory investigations that the company has conducted thanks to the activation of consultancies, have allowed us to develop the quality system currently focused essentially on the pharmaceutical sector.

The following results have been achieved: 
o Blend with antioxidant action (PROMIX), HERBAL TEAS AND NATURSNACK, which aim to improve the well-being of consumers. 
N. 1 TECHNICAL DESIGN of a new product line: 
or NATURSNACK represent a product innovation for Farmalabor, with new graphics for both advertising material and packaging. 

The added value of the intervention is represented by technology transfer by the work team of consultants involved in internal staff. 
The team's skills were fundamental to achieving the objectives set. 
The realization of the project has allowed Farmalabor to acquire an increase in professionalism, competence and know-how in a sector that until now has never been its core business: food. 

The blends developed in addition to being made up of raw materials selected according to stringent quality requirements, are also functional for the food industry and therefore useful for improving the various technological production processes in order to develop a finished product appreciated by the final consumer. The investment made was € 241,250 against which financial support of € 118,212.50 was received.