The official presentation of the results of the partnership "VIS MARIS" between Farmalabor and the University of Bari "Aldo Moro" was held on Tuesday 15th April 2014, at the Study and Research Centre "Sergio Fontana, 1900-1982". The project included the enrichment of fish feed with the extract of small-berry Trojan grapes grown in the Research Centre, with important results: - healthier fish; - less use of antibiotics and vaccines; - greater quality and well-being for the final consumer. In particular, the aim of the research was to evaluate the effect of polyphenols on the immune response of sea bass. The experiment involved about 44,000 sea bass fry, fed on three different diets (control feed, feed with grape extract - 100 mg/kg, feed with grape extract - 200 mg/kg). The data obtained showed an immunomodulating activity of the polyphenols contained in the grapes on the anti-inflammatory side. In addition to the scientific evidence, the press conference provided concrete examples and food for thought on research and innovation. The contributions of the speakers, coming from the regional institutions and the academic world, shed light on the practical aspects of innovation: intelligences put in place, in a relationship based on trust and credibility.