Year: 2020

Biomis envisages the creation of the first Italian biobank of intestinal, salivary and vaginal microbiota from patients and healthy volunteers. This will allow, on the one hand, excellent research activities to be carried out through meta-omic approaches, in vitro and in vivo studies that will open up new frontiers for experimentation in the field of the close correlation between microbiota and pathologies. From a therapeutic point of view, the existence of a biobank will be indispensable for faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT).

The creation of the first Italian microbiota biobank envisaged in this project is of strategic importance, also in terms of international prestige and of employment and development spin-offs in the territories involved.

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Year: 2018

INSTAMED: Integrated hardware and software platform for standardization and advanced automation (Iot: Internet of Things / CPS: Cyber-Physical System) of processes for diagnosis, care and surgical treatment, in the context of personalized medicine.

INSTAMED is a modular project to create knowledge to develop systems for the generation, storage, processing and synthesis of diagnostic information also coming from different specialized sectors in order to allow in an integrated way diagnostic / therapeutic activities on the level of personalized medicine in hospital / healthcare facilities and diagnostic laboratories that can also be set up to operate "remotely" through communication and data sharing infrastructures.


Year: 2019

The project involves the development of a ready-to-use, mucoadhesive base for oral use, capable of solubilizing Budesonide; this anti-inflammatory active ingredient has shown greater clinical efficacy for the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis, a disease now considered rare, with a prevalent pediatric incidence.

The Wagner base is able to solubilize Budesonide (up to 8 mg / 10 mL), increasing its bioavailability. Contains excipients that give it mucoadhesive properties and good palatability, increasing patient compliance.