The Farmalabor Topic Fast and Oral Fast ready-to-use bases are characterized by:
• stability over time;
• high compatibility with a wide range of active ingredients;
• ease in the incorporation of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Each of them is appropriately tested with the active ingredients which are more common in compounding sector. The results are:
• good chemical and physical stability;
• high compatibility;
• effective release of active pharmaceutical ingredients over time.

Furthermore, the Farmalabor Fast ready-to-use bases have a high quality standard as they are produced in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.


The Oral Fast line is useful for making galenic preparations for oral use such as capsules, tablets and solutions.
It also allows the use of bases for innovative applications, such as spatula tablets and chewing gum.

Base for direct compression Beethoven Oral Fast sugar-free solution Type II excipient Fast gum sweet Puccini Oral Fast solution Optima Union Tablet Base Wagner Oral Fast mucoadhesive solution